Moving Your Business Forward

Technologent is a very structured and fast-growing company that selects professionals and makes a team of experts with the experience to provide the best ERP solutions and EDI integration to clients worldwide. We believe that we can help you grow your business by using ERP software. We are proud partners of QAD, one of the world’s leading ERP solution providers, and with our program leads, and functional, technical consultants, we fully dedicate ourselves to working with our clients to deploy QADs—implementation methodology across business functions, data, and migration, and technological processes.

Our Vision

The last few years have been immense growth and expansion for the management. consulting industry in general and within the technology-enabled business services sector specifically. Several significant trends, including growing awareness, have fueled this. We empower our clients to grow their businesses and drive efficiencies with ERP and expertise that enables our clients to transform their businesses and achieve greater efficiency.

Large companies need to adapt to changing market conditions, the introduction of new technologies such as cloud computing and big data analytics, and the emergence of more sophisticated business models for enabling collaboration among clients, partners, and suppliers.  With a wealth of collective experience, our teams are adept at delivering unrivaled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and seamless Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration to esteemed clients worldwide.